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Linux Server

Syscom Infotech provides support to meet your needs for designing, implementing and maintaining Linux systems, and with strong ties to the Linux open Source development community, SixthStar has clearly recognized as the Linux server maintenance leader. When it comes to Linux servers, the situation is no different: simply put, the only certain way of maintaining uptime, preserving system security and ensuring service availability is to utilize a server management solution. Our technical services are provided over a range of nix-based platforms, including most common variants of Linux (such as Redhat, CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu and others), as well as FreeBSD.

Mail Server

Apache Server

Telnet Server

Oracle Server

FTP Server

Moodle Server

Proxy Server

Firewall Server

PDC Server

Samba Server

Printer Server

Quota Server

DHCP Serve

DNS Server

LTSP Server

Virus Scanner

Virtual Server

Yum Server

Chat Server

NFS Server

NTP Server

NIS Server

VNC Server

Transparent Proxy Server


LDAP Server

Syslog Server

VPN Server


Linux ESX -VirtualServer

NAT Server

NTOP Server

SARG(Squid Analysis

Report Generator)


Bandwidth Monitoring

Webmin Configuration

Usermin Configuration

CUPS(Common Unix Printing System)

SWAT(Samba Web Administration Tool)

Squirrel Mail Configuration


Cross Over(Install Windows Softwares)

Wine Configuration

SAN & NAS Configuration

SNORT Configuration

Nagois Configuration

Squid ClamAV

LVM(Logical Volume Manager)

RAID Configuration

Remoter Installation

Backup Solutions

Patch File Installation

Kernel Updation

VLAN Configuration

Troubleshooting Linux Server

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