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Hospital Management System

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HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT is an integrated Hospital InformationSystem, which addresses all the major functional areas of multi-specialtyhospitals. The HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT enables better patient care, patientsafety, patient confidentiality, efficiency, reduced costs and better managementinformation system. It provides easy access to critical information thus enablingthe management to take  better decisions on time

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Student Management System

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Student Information System is a software application to be developed for the use in any educational institute. The software aims at computerizing all the activities related to student information maintenance. It should be a very comprehensive application, which captures all the information related to a student from the time he joins an institution till he gets the certificate and the process involved thereafter.

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SMS Gateway Offline/Online

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SMS is used for various purposes these days. For example, major websites like Gmail and Facebook use SMS to improve their authentication process with multi-factor authentication and notifying users about the updates. These are one-way SMS applications since messages are sent only from these sites to the user.Two-way SMS applications are more complex than one-way ones. In two-way SMS apps, a user can initiate a conversation by sending messages, and then the application responds according to the user’s commands. There are many popular SMS gateways available around the world We are having SMS gateway for developing various applications.

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Online Examinations with SMS & E-Mail

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Online Examination System (OES) is a MCQ(Multiple Choice Questions) based Examination system, which is built using PHP and MySQL. OES provides an easy-to-use environment for preparing questions, conducting exams and managing results...

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Library Management System 

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Library management system based on PHP and MySQL in order to reduce the cost of management and make it convenient for the user. The web-based library management system includes the most popular components a common library management system has, administration, book seeker, leasing and E-mail.

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Online Shopping

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An electronic commerce tool (software or service) that is the user-interface for the customer to shop at online stores. It allows users to place items in a "shopping basket", and the cart remembers these items for a predetermined length of time. Extra features such as different color or size options, quantity of order, and matching item links can be found linked from the shopping cart. Once a shopper inputs his shipping address, taxes and shipping costs can also be tallied from within the shopping cart. For the merchant, the shopping cart also provides important information, which is often transparent to the shopper including a cart number to track the order, and a cookie to provide you with some limited tracking details about your customer.

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Hotel Management System

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The Hotel Management System is to be modeled on a unique combination of a ‘customer centric and hotel staff centric’ paradigm, thus providing benefits both the recipients and the provider of service. This Hotel Management System is designed to adapt – to be customized to your specific requirement, and covers the most common functions in a hotel. Its modularity provides a mechanism to enhance the scope and functionality of the package ensuring seamless integration with new modules.

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E - Billing System

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A billing system is a combination of software and hardware that receives call detail and service usage information, groups this information for specific accounts or customers, produces invoices, creates reports for management, and records (posts) payments made to customer accounts.

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